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Dear Reader, I have missed you!

It’s been a year and two months since you last heard from me. I apologise for being MIA. A lot has happened within the  year and I feel excited to share some significant experiences with you. Before I dive into my gist, I would like to put a disclaimer that this young lady feels clueless about what to share. I started blogging because I was at a dark place in my life in 2020 during the global lockdown.

Being able to share my thoughts and feelings to strangers was my coping mechanism. I discovered the beauty of storytelling and the magic of exploring my mind. Journaling is a form of therapy and I must tell you, as I wrote and published each piece of my mind, regardless of the structure, semantics or syntax, I felt pure relief.

As a Public Relations Consultant in private practice, it can be quite cumbersome to blog being mindful of the workload, crazy schedules, and burnout days that are naturally expected in my line of career. But as Erma Bombeck once mentioned, “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me”.

I love the liberating feeling I get from journaling. I hope the words I share give meaning to whatever struggles, confusion, pain or joy you might feel. Mind you, I do not plan to be a therapist. My goal is to show you the beauty of my mind and thoughts which have been silenced for most of my life.

Experiencing PR, A Wedding & Campaign.

Last year, I was part of the twelve contributors for the maiden edition of Experiencing PR; a publication of Nigerian Women in Public Relations. I am extremely proud of the project. Moreover, I witnessed the blissful union of one of my closest friends. As a romantic, I shed a few tears because I was glad to see my friend get married to the love of her life. It was quite memorable, most especially not because I was one of the bridesmaids. Rather, this wedding was the last event that had all close friends in one location before some would leave the country while others relocated to other parts of Nigeria. We knew it would take another extremely significant event to get us all in one location again, so, we partied hard and laughed even more.

August 2021 significantly uplifted my PR agency to some recognition that was good for business. My PR agency handled the media campaign for one of the largest sports and digital entertainment companies in Africa. It turned out successful despite the initial lack of confidence in my abilities by some of the executives who felt uncertain due to my being unpopular. Well, I serve the most intelligent God and as His child, I did not lean on my understanding and HE surely directed my path. The campaign was success-full and had nationwide coverage. Drum roll please… on the 24th of November, I turned thirty!

This is 30!

Turning 30 was bittersweet at the time because I had just registered for a one-year professional course which would take a bulk of my time, money, mental space and physical energy. Course fees are in pounds! As a Nigerian, living in a country dealing with inflation issues, paying in pounds with zero financial support is not a funny feat. I had no choice, my professional advancement was my birthday gift to myself. The only glamorous thing I did was plan and direct my dirty 30th birthday shoot. The pictures are still my best yet. I hope you like them.

Were you expecting me to talk about being in love or in a relationship? Nah. I think I will keep this aspect of my life private until …. I do have some traits that seem toxic and I need to deal with them before committing to someone I hope to date or marry. It is always important to admit when you are wrong and to work towards being a whole version of yourself before you walk down the aisle with anybody. Do I believe in love? Oh yes, I do. I can’t wait to get flowers, go on dates, get cute forehead kisses, necessary and unnecessary back rubs, cry just because I want to rest my head on his chest, smile because he said something funny and do all the mushy and cute things known to great lovers.

I hope to share my mind often with you. The Holy Spirit has encouraged me to write and I will obey. #SatiraYANZ

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