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Clubhouse, an invitation-only audio chat app, has created FOMO in me! This app thrives on the concept of Fear Of Missing Out. The buzz and engagement around the app creates the ‘lower class citizen’ perception in the career and social world. Abeg, it is not everybody that can afford to buy an iPhone. Clubhouse app, which is in its private beta stage is also making Apple Inc. a lot of money because of its strategy of exclusivity which aligns with their brand direction.
How can you create an app that restricts my participation in discussions that will be professionally and socially beneficial to me? You are even restricting my chance to meet my soul mate (That is if he is in Clubhouse. hehe). I am being slightly pressured to save to get an iPhone because what is my work as a PR girl if I am not aware of what is going on in my environment? It seems as if most of the free career and social conversations are happening over there. You need to see the way I have been calculating and looking at my ‘Akant’.

Recently, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to engage your target audiences at the moment is through Clubhouse. I know it is coming to Android soon, but when? Many Clubhouse users act as though they are the only ones trendy. You see, these are the issues. Now, the strategy of exclusivity is what has made this app which is in its private beta stage a success.

I find the strategy fascinating and it has created a new and uncontrollable desire to challenge myself into looking for better ways to think of the right strategies for my clients. Who wouldn’t want a good strategy that can create brand dominance and global awareness? For those who do not understand when an app is in its beta stage, let me give you a basic education so that you can understand my curiosity around the strategy behind Clubhouse. While it varies greatly, it takes about four to six months to develop an app. However, before an app is officially launched, it goes through a process.

Like a pregnant woman going through her trimesters. The app development process is in four stages; Pre-design, Design, Development and Support. (I know this because I have been privileged to work with my second boss, Dr Allo, who is pivotal to the creation and development of WEY Rewards, a digital lifestyle app). But, I will not go into details of fully explaining these processes because I am not a tech expert. I am just a curious girl that enjoys satisfying her curiosity.

Skipping all the technical jargon about apps, Let me briefly explain the development process of an app. An app in the Development process has to go through these stages: Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, and Release. But beta also has stages. Stressful right? Yes. That is why as a female if you date a tech guy, you will be competing with his computer for attention. How romantic. But they are good lovers and faithful too( Where is the time to cheat on you?). Well, aside from rappers, I like tech guys.

Back to my explanation. Beta comes in these stages: Perpetual beta, open and closed beta (also called private beta: Clubhouse’s current stage). I hope you are enjoying my basic education about apps, and understand my fascination with the exclusivity strategy of Clubhouse? FYI, an app can take up to two or more years in its beta stage. In the beta stage, Participants of the app are external testers who are unfamiliar with the app and are trying it for the first time in real-world scenarios. At this stage, the app is almost ready to launch. The beta testing is a critical stage in the application development lifecycle. It helps maintain your mobile app quality and improve its user experience, among many other things.

I commend the developers of this app for their ability to devise a strategy of exclusivity which has developed an app in its private beta stage into an aspirational brand. That right there is genius! On a funnier note, the users of ClubHouse are experiments in the hands of the developers. E shock you abi?

Oops, This is becoming too technical for me. So, as a Nigerian, before you curse out bank apps for not functioning properly, know that the tech guys are working tirelessly to improve its functionality. The only issue I have with many Nigerian brands is their poor communication and crisis management. While some of their customer service representatives are hoodlums in disguise.

Dear reader, I think I have been able to give a valid reason why I need an iPhone. Oh Lord of money, answer your girl. On a side note, I went to Slot (a phone service centre) on Monday to check the value of my phone ( a Huawei Y9) in other to know the cost of the difference to get a better phone. I laughed when I was told my phone is valued at thirty thousand Naira (N30,000). The difference cost is still a struggle but I meuve! #CPKDiary #SatiraYANZ


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