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It Is A New Year! What Do You Desire?

Dear Reader,

Happy New Year! We survived the horrors of last year. As Johnson Oatman’s hymn ‘Count Your Blessings’ keeps ringing, I believe it is wise for us to be grateful despite the hurdles of 2020.

The plethora of anxiety I felt last year slightly crossed over into the new year, which made me consider meditation, to get a sense of unity of mind, body and spirit. I am not a firm believer of new year resolution, but my resolve is a wake-up call to fifteen (15) years of living to please people. Now, I live my truth with no inhibitions. Although I am doing this afraid, I am resilient and will achieve this goal. I am optimistic about the new year, I have set new goals, and I am excited about the lovely things 2021 holds. Self-love, self-care, mental development, stronger faith in God, emotional stability, and having a viable business are my main focus this year. What is yours?

As a Nigerian, I am used to the spiritual jargon of many pastors in the new year. It is a little surprising how we have not heard many of them give their usual prophecy for the year. Would it be the shocking arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic? or is God suddenly silent when we need him the most? Why is there no significant prophesy for the year as it is their custom? Have I missed something? Can we admit that some pastors are liars and many of their prophecies are not from God? Let us put aside our sentiments and call a spade a spade. God does not only speak when life is rosy. I think 2020 exposed their deceit as most had been operating based on their residual knowledge of God. It gladdens my heart to know this.

Self-love, Self-care, Mental development, A stronger faith in God, Emotional stability, and Having a viable business are my main focus this year.


I am looking forward to a good year. Aside from increasing my earning capacity and boosting the professional credibility of my growing agency, Satira Media and PR, I hope to find love. Being single for five years sucks. It is funny how I dare to admit it openly. My friends are going to have a good laugh reading this. Fear has been the reason than being gay. Some people think that I prefer women to men.

The first time I heard a friend of mine out of concern ask if I was gay, I was surprised. I am not homophobic, neither am I gay. The decision to be single is from being Gamophobic. A gist for another day. Having a companion is fun and sometimes fulfilling. But when fear controls the mind, it creates a notion that makes you see what is beautiful as bad and non-desirable. I am ready to conquer that fear and open to love. Dear Universe, this is my declaration of faith. So, dear reader, as I have shared my desire for 2021 with you, what are you expecting?

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