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Big, Bold, Beautiful, & On My Worst Behaviour…Maybe.

Hey dear Satirayanz reader,

I have missed you so much. November has been eventful, and aside from it being the month of my birth, it is the month I decided to forgive and reconcile with my dad. Earlier this year, I had a bad experience with him which made me angrily leave home to stay with my friends. I also didn’t communicate with him. The only way I got updates about his welfare was through my mother and siblings. I was hurt, and the little affection I had towards him died. It took months of therapy and personal determination, not to hate my father.

Two weeks ago, I made a terrible mistake which led to the end of a friendly relationship with an acquaintance. As I internally desired forgiveness, I had an epiphany. If I wanted mercy, I needed to exhibit the same to those who have hurt me. I was relieved and became at peace with myself when I called my father for the first time in five months.

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In addition to this, I have had the challenge of time management as the CEO of a boutique PR agency, a part-time employee of a digital strategy company, an aspiring writer, and a nano influencer. There are times I feel 24hours isn’t enough to achieve every item on my to-do list for the day. The good thing, however, is that wearing this cap of responsibility, has developed a growth trajectory in my career and provided an opportunity to fulfil my purpose.

Being a young, ambitious female takes guts over fear. In my personal life, I decided to have official pictures of myself to commemorate the last year in my twenties. I became 29 years old on the 24th of November. What I did was to engage some of my friends who work as professionals in photography, styling, make up and videography. I had a small budget and wanted the best regardless. It was a delightful experience to have my friends plan and execute my first photoshoot without a fee. They worked hard to make me look like a princess and cheered me as I posed for the right shot. My pictures, as you can see, are lovely.

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Furthermore, I got a laptop, Arami Essential beauty products, two bowls of snails, a lovely black bag, a box of cake, money, and a lunch tray as birthday gifts, including several public birthday wishes from friends, clients and celebrity friends. Moreover, I got special prayers from my parents. I felt special, with the unexpected display of affection, and I am grateful to God that I got to celebrate my birthday despite the storms, hurts and pain I experienced earlier this year. My new age is significant, and I am hopeful for new beginnings.

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with @godebbi_makeup & @thecretordna

Glam Squad (My friends)
👗👢Creative Direction & Styling: @thecretordna
📸 Photography: @gabrielkingphotography
💄Make up: @godebbi_makeup
👢👠Shoes: @adakulaura

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