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Being A Father; A Decision or A Trend?

Growing up without a smooth father-daughter relationship has been something I wish I never experienced. I envy people who have amazing relationships with their fathers and hope my children will have a great bond with theirs. Over the last decade, I have seen a difference in father-children relationships. Many fathers, including single fathers, are becoming more intentional about parenting and not ignoring their responsibilities.

Every time I scroll through social media, I see how most men drool over their children. It sometimes makes me wonder if being a good father is as a result of their childhood experiences with their fathers and their decision to be better or to get online accolades from their fans and the media. However, I feel most dads are committed to being great fathers, and try to prevent psychological trauma on their children. Although there are still cases of irresponsible fathers, that ratio has reduced drastically.

Many men are beginning to understand that raising a child is a joint responsibility. They play their role in actively teaching, protecting, and correcting their children. Most go the extra mile to give quality time aside providing for their family financially.

Happy Father’s Day to allĀ  responsible, committed, and loving fathers!

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