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Being a Public Relations girl goes beyond a career. I see it as a ministry to preach the gospel of brands I enjoy working with through different channels. As the owner of a boutique public relations agency, Satira Media & PR (http://satira.com.ng/), we constantly have to help our clients persuade their external and internal audiences using creative methods. Whether it is through writing, traditional media, social media or speaking engagements.

The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic however, created an opportunity to adjust our service offering to accommodate the global change. Was it easy? No. I went through a long period of reflection to get to this point. This change ignited my love for working with personal brands and the zeal to help them build a lasting impression, in the mind of their audience and customers. Aside from our usual work with projects/campaigns of course.

While it is great to see that so many people are embracing their entrepreneurial spirit or the need for advancement in their corporate venture, this also means that everyone will face more competition than they already do. The key to differentiating yourself from your competition is building a personal brand. Do not be afraid to push yourself to be better and beyond limits. Satira Media & PR will be there to hold your hands.

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