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It is Funny how we met.

Hilarious as to how we became friends.

It is comical in reasoning when I think of how close we became.

However, complicated our union has been, loving you is beyond my comprehension.

I hate nothing about you

My head and heart are always at war with each other when it comes to you. While my spirit remains calm as she enjoys watching the banter they make when my eyes see you.

My heart usually makes a bungee jump every time I am with you.

My hormones raging at proximity with you

And oh, when you smile, your nicely chiselled dentition communicate with me in the most romantically used language.

I pray for you in my heart and wish things were different. Maybe you will look at me.

I care about you and wish you well. While I pray to the universe about my semi-broken heart

I hate nothing about you!

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