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Dear Universe, Sometimes, I Feel Like Shit.

Dear Universe, sometimes I feel like shit. The global COVID -19 situation has exposed my repressed practice of escape from my emotional problems. One month in my room has resurrected mood swings, and I have started my crying episodes again. Can it just stop? Yes, I need therapy, but those sessions can be intense. That is why I haven’t been faithful to them. My mother says to resolve my psychological health, I have to get more spiritual with God. I try to be spiritual enough; I read my Bible, and I pray as often as I can. But I even feel God is tired of my inconsistencies. Being closer to Him hasn’t stopped my mood swings. One moment, I am happy, feeling on top of the world, the next moment I am thinking of how at twenty-eight, I am still dealing with life challenges I should have overcome at twenty-one.

Dear Universe, I laugh at relatives who are worried about my marital status. I wish they know that I am not psychologically ready for such a life commitment just yet. I am still fucking trying to find my purpose, and i wouldn’t want to be a burden to my husband or children. If you are reading this and think I have gone nuts, well, you are very free to think of whatever makes you sleep well at night. I love to express how I feel. That is the purpose of SatiraYANS. How is this period treating you mentally? Are you addressing personal issues you have escaped from with work or are busy fooling around on social media? It seems most people on social media, have discovered their hidden comic talents which I find weird and annoying. #myopinion.

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